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Solutions Outside the Courtroom

Principle Legal Consult provides a comprehensive array of alternative dispute resolution methods aimed at efficiently settling disputes and safeguarding our clients' peace of mind. Our expertise encompasses mediation, conciliation, negotiation, and arbitration, ensuring effective resolution without the need for prolonged litigation. Additionally, we excel in navigating the complexities of finance and technology, offering services such as processing and obtaining licenses for payment solution services, MMO, switching, and processing.


We also specialize in drafting technical agreements essential for facilitating these licenses, as well as providing legal advice to fintech startup companies. Our firm is committed to crafting meticulously tailored agreements to facilitate partnerships and business deals effectively, ensuring our clients' interests are protected while avoiding the courtroom whenever possible.



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I will say, there is no better law firm in Nigeria simply because of the customer service. I got prompt response and swift answers to all my questions.

Adelaje Judith

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PLC helped me win my divorce case I've battled for 8 years, and gain custody of my bi-national children. I am deeply grateful.

Ojota Jude

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